A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Approx. 10 mins

Alison's life won't stop taking turns for the worse, her actions driven by a strongly imposed fear of rejection. While walking home from work late at night, one single choice in one instant will change everything--much like an old story she read at school. One choice saves the day--one door leads to a lady. One choice destroys her--the door to the tiger. But, also like the old story, she has no real way of telling which choice is which.

Which door will you open?

Inspired by the short story of the same title by Frank R. Stockton. Music by Kevin Macleod and Scott Buckley.


LOTT for Android 67 MB
LadyOrTheTiger-1.0-all.zip 72 MB

Install instructions

The pc version is a compressed zip file. If you're new to these, learn how they work here: https://www.howtogeek.com/1781...

As for the android version, it's an APK file. You should be able to simply download it and run it to install. It'll have the renpy logo of a pink-haired girl with a snake, due to the engine I used being renpy.


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Short but enjoyable. I liked the lady ending!